Live Sound FOH

I started working as a live sound engineer in 1996. Having played the drums in several bands up to that point I realized that I find it much more exciting to work creatively with great artists on their sound.

In the past two decades I have been fortunate enough to be on tour with some of the finest artists in jazz, pop and soul as well as classical music.

Based in Berlin I like touring and love the excitement of a live event and the deep satisfaction of a successful concert. Very often I do also tour management in additon to front of house.

Recording & Studio

Technology has improved tremendously and taking multi channel audio off a live console has never been easier. With the possibility of doing a virtual sound check or taking the files to the studio live recording has become an essential add-on to the performance for any sound engineer.

I have done countless recordings with various artists for the past 15 years. Many of them I have taken straight to the studio for mixing.

My work includes recording in the studio as well as mixing and mastering other engineers recordings.